Saturday, February 12, 2011


Finally, on Thursday, I managed to construct a semi-functional structure, within the limitations of the tools and materials I had – a drill, but no saw, six pieces of pine in two different lengths, some wing nuts and bolts, a clamp and assorted kinds of tape. This is what I came up with, however the structure isn’t very stable and doesn’t move in very many directions. 

After I’d put it together, I began to think that maybe a prop wasn’t actually necessary, that perhaps it functioned as a distraction from, rather than a framing of, the process of recording and viewing through the camera. A prop is something which stops something else from falling apart. It holds something up, perhaps a physical object, perhaps a situation or an idea. Does the use of a prop suggest an instability in the situation? And another thought - does the word prop relate to the idea of proposition? Perhaps more on this next week in our ‘proposition’ phase...

So instead, after all this, I have just been using the window bench as camera prop. Hopefully this lets the process of recording the light in the space everyday become central.

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  1. It's funny, in hindsight - that we never thought to question the need for a prop. Still there is something to be said for the attempt, your prop deserves "props"!

    Which leads me to the etymology of the word prop (I'm equally curious).

    According to the Online Etymology Dictionary:

    prop (n.1)
    "support," mid-15c., from M.Du. proppe "vine prop, support," of unknown origin. Related to O.H.G. pfropfo, Ger. pfropfen "to prop," perhaps from L. propago "a set, layer of a plant" (see propagation). Ir. propa, Gael. prop are from English. The verb meaning "to support" is attested from late 15c.

    prop (n.2)
    "object used in a play," 1911, from props (1841), shortened form of properties (in theatrical use from early 15c.). Props as slang shortening for proper respects (or something similar) appeared c.1999.

    I like the allusion to vines, as if your video camera has taken root. Props also being a prefix in the word propogate could perhaps be a sign Thea, to start planting…

    Or…you could opt for the second noun description listed - an excuse for further play.


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