Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Simon Sheikh, Objects of Study or Commodification of Knowledge? Remarks on Artistic Research', Art & Research: A Journal of Ideas, Contexts and Methods, Vol 2. No. 2, Spring 2009,

I came across this article by Simon Sheikh a while ago and it immediately made me think of your practice. There are plenty of parallels between Sheikh's text and your work, and this is starting to come through on the blog.

n keeping with the first stage of the residency being 'observations', I've decided to paste these quotes below as raw data, as if researching towards an essay, or as a way of framing or positioning Observations, propositions and re-presentations.

Research has … to some extent, supersceded [sic] studio practice. Artists are increasingly researching projects, not only to make site-specific works, but also time and content specific works. Here, form follows function, and the materialization of the work is decided upon different parameters than in historical studio practice. It is clear that this interdisciplinarity stands in opposition to a traditional division of art practices into particular genres, mediums or indeed disciplines.[i]


… if we view art production as knowledge production rather than formal production, we will have to develop and define a different set of properties and parameters for discussion, production and evaluation. And when we focus on art as a place ’where things can happen’ rather than a thing ‘that is in the world’ we will see how an engagement between art production and critical theory becomes necessary and that education itself is a multifaceted inter-disciplinary field that moves in many spaces as opposed to staying within one mode of production, or form…[ii]

[i] ibid. p.5

[ii] ibid p.6