Wednesday, February 9, 2011


After I wrote up “coffee next door”, and sat by the window in the café, many passers by would glance back between the two windows.

Later in the afternoon, when I filled up my drink bottle and remembered a conversation about the sound of water we had in the space a few days ago,  I put my empty coffee cup under the tap and listened to the sound of it slowly dripping. The gallery space is very echoey, amplifying small noises into big auditory events. The duration between drips stretched out as time progressed and changed slightly in tone as the cup became fuller. I set up the video camera on the window bench to film it and by the time the tape ran out the drip had almost stopped. The sound of the drips had a strange relationship to the sound of footsteps passing by, occasionally syncing up for a moment, then diverging again.

Unfortunately the construction of the prop didn’t progress very far, due to lack of tools and a certain amount of inspiration.

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