Thursday, March 3, 2011


The final act I performed in the space, after washing the windows, was to draw a diagram which detailed various walks I have undertaken over the course of the three weeks. Some were recurring, like going next door for coffee, others were related to specific events, such as planting pips. I've been undecided about whether this is a satisfactory way to leave the project; however, in coming back to the space now after a short break I've come to the conclusion that it is somehow appropriate. In a way, the project was never really occurring in the physical space of Alterations anyway; it was occurring in the comings and goings to and from the space, in following paths suggested by my encounters with the surrounds and by the people I've met (as well as in the virtual spaces of this blog and in the dialogue between Andrea and I - much of which has been invisible behind the public facade of the project.) I think the diagram functions simultaneously as a series of observations, propositions and as a re-presentation, thus bringing the process full circle. Initially I wanted it to be a map which could be followed, but I realise now that it has become more a personal record of observations and processes - though I hope it also acts as a proposition for any number of detours that anyone can undertake.

Some more thoughts to wrap up and some edited videos will come shortly...

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